The ghosts and goblins have passed, the turkeys are beginning to thaw, and Black Friday will soon be here, which can only mean one thing, the gifting season is now upon us! It can be challenging to narrow down what gifts to get for those close to you; Whether it be a spouse, child, parents or siblings, or even friends, finding the perfect gift is always a challenge. Luckily, we have put together our reasons why Steel Coated Epoxy Floors are the ideal gift for those you love. 

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors of Cache Valley has your back when it comes to Christmas shopping this December. Our residential epoxy flooring is the perfect gift for your spouse. You have been putting it off for years now, waiting for the ideal time to finally begin the project you so desperately want. Our perfected 6-step process is sure to leave you shocked with how quickly we are to lay down your new epoxy flooring – allowing you to enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family! 

To make sure that you get personalized flooring, we have obtained a vast selection of color options for you to choose from, ensuring that you get the exact color (or combination of colors) you desire! Some of our color options include Hog (pictured above), Gravel, Daredevil, Tidal Wave, Woodland, and many more! To see some of these colors in action, make sure to check out our photo gallery of recent jobs!

One of the best parts about our innovative Steel Coated Epoxy Flooring is its ease of use. You never have to worry about being gentle with your new flooring. We have made our floorings so easy to maintain and clean, so much so that regardless of the project or activity you have planned, your floors will be able to keep up with you! 

There’s nothing quite like having a new gift on Christmas that simply looks beautiful. Whether you are getting a new car, a new phone, or a nice pair of shoes, there’s no better feeling than opening something new. With our residential and/or commercial epoxy flooring service, you are sure to feel that brand-new sensation each and every time you step on your new epoxy floors. 

With the combination of quick service times, personalized floors, and sheer beauty, our epoxy flooring services are the perfect gift this holiday season. With that said, our availability will run out quickly, make sure to request a quote or call (435) 512-1284 today!